Thursday, 24 September 2009

First Blog

#1 .

Fiona here. First blog - many more to come (hopefully). Just editing my profile, clearly not finished.
If you've read the small amount I've managed to write you'll know that i'm a 2nd year in IED; currently doing a project on Juteopolis, city of Jute! It's an exhibition design project, get to work in a group this year which is different but great to bounce ideas around. Working with clients this time, alot more realistic which I'm liking; Brian from Verdent Works and Louise a designer.
Got design studies aswell this year which is NOT learning about famous old painters, liking that idea, plus we've to bring a packet of opal fruits (starburst) in next lecture, hmmmm?

Reading the Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell right now so my next post will probably be based on that!

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