Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tricks of the Trade


In my last lecture I found out the secret of why we always forget the milk! The power of design strikes again! You'll notice next time you go into the supermarket; set yourself a little task and go straight to the milk without picking anything else up. You'll find it takes a lot longer than you think! Just another trick of the trade, making the the customer take a walk through the 'wonderful' deals on in the rest of the store and by the time you get to the milk you're distracted and manage to walk out without the one thing you went in for!

I was a victim of this just today, went in for toothpaste and ended up spending £17! Amazing how well supermarkets are designed, so well that you don't really think they're designed at all!

All the convenient and everyday things are situated at the back of the store; designed so that you are always at risk from new advertisements! The book 'Why We Buy' by Paco Underhill looks into the science of shopping. He talks about how people buy more if they have a basket; how women shop, how men shop; why women are more like to buy things if they can touch it and how if a seat is placed beside the women's changing rooms the male shopping experience just becomes better. It explains the psychology behind it all and how design and psychology work together; it's researched based so the beauty of it all is that we all really do have these shopping traits! Very interesting so check it out.

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