Friday, 6 November 2009

Ambigious Furniture?


Is a chair really a chair if you use it to stand on to change a light bulb or is a coffee table still a coffee table if you use it to rest your feet on? Does a piece of furniture become something different when it's function changes?

I'm currently exploring this idea of mis-use of furniture and how people really use there chairs and tables or any other piece of furniture. Anything from using a chair as a place to dump your clothes, how you physically sit on your chair, to perhaps using your bed as a trampoline! These ideas and insights into people's relationships with furniture will be interesting research for my project to design a piece of furniture and produce a finished piece.

Love this simple design by Philippe Malouin - The Hanger Chair, shows the subversion of furniture.

The Attitude Chair by Deger Cengiz is just another way to express how people really use their furniture - its quirky yet simple. Smart design.

The Todd Stool by Llot Llov, you know how hanging clothes up can be a pain, make use of your laziness and just dump them in the Todd stool making a comfy cushion! Clever!

This ones just in for fun! The Constant Shaker by Alice Wang is part of the range of Chairs for the Dysfunctional. It counts your loss of calories as you fidget, Brilliant!

So if anyone has any comments or photos of how they use there furniture, that may be useful to me, would be much appreciated!

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