Saturday, 28 November 2009

Christmas Spirit


I'm a sucker for Christmas! Like most people are at this time of year; whether it's for the time off work, seeing your distant relatives or if your just in it for the presents! We're all guilty off it, I mean who wouldn't welcome an over sized, perfectly wrapped gift with a huge grin and a rush of excitement?

I'd like to think that I love Christmas for it's atmosphere, its generosity and it's ability to just make me smile but sometimes I think, would it still feel the same if receiving presents was a thing of the past? Would I still have a smile on my face if I never received an unexpected gift that I secretly wanted but was unsure to ask for? Or would I still feel the loving atmosphere if there wasn't presents to give and receive? There has been a worry that we are all becoming too materialised at Christmas time, it's all about the consumption of products, but without this would Christmas still be the Christmas we know?
I do hate to say this as I don't want to sound materialistic but I suppose its the world we've been brought up in? Sometimes I think nothing of it and see no harm in it but when I hear of the accidents due to "Black Friday" it does make me think. I had maybe heard of Black Friday once or twice before our lecture a week or so ago and had not known much about it. In the lecture we were told that the Guardian reported there was a fatality in Wal-Mart because of the "out-of control" crowd built up in the store causing a stampede due to the Black Friday sale. They actually broke down the door so that they could shop for the best bargains! That's the greedy side of Christmas, it's hard to accept that it's all part of the spirit of Christmas when it goes to those extremes. Still I'm sure it's many people's defense.

I think though that everyone, deep down, still knows the meaning of Christmas even if its shown in less conventional ways. But it always makes you smile when you see someones face light up because you got the present right, or the over indulgent feeling your get after the Christmas roast, somehow knowing that you still have room for one more chipolata and even when your embarrassing relatives suggest a game of Charades - you love it really!

It's all part of it and I put my hands up and admit, I'll be starting my indulgence tomorrow! (1st Dec) - you can't forget the advent calender craze!

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