Friday, 5 March 2010

Eco Build London


Eco Deco: Sustainable Interior Design. Eco Chic by Elisabeth Buecher and Aurelie Mosse from Puff & Flock

Puff & Flock are a recently formed textile company that took part in Eco interior seminar at the Eco Build. They create both products to buy but also conceptual design, one of which interested me the most. The quirky collection called 'My shower curtain is a green warrior' by Elisabeth Buecher, consists of a range of shower curtains that focus on the issue of excessive water consumption and its effect on the environment. The shower curtain 'Trap' inflates around the person in the shower after 4 minutes of being in the shower preventing the user from continuing showering, reducing their water usage. The collection intends to trigger discussions regarding water consumption and provoke thought into the environmental issue.

'Trap' by Elisabeth Beucher

'Trap' by Elisabeth Beucher
'Spike' by Elisabeth Beucher

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