Friday, 26 March 2010

The Evolution of the Twitter Picture


She's done it again. Moving up with the loyal help of Twitter.

Johanna Basford as been commissioned by the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to design the cover of their 2010 programme. It's thanks to how successful her original Twitter Picture was, and just how interactive it became with her general public. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe has obviously realised the potential in Johanna through design and networking to advertise the event. Allowing audience participating once again increases the interest in the event and shares the same ideas as the event, like giving everyone an opportunity.
The theme is, 'What is the most unusual thing you'd like to see at the Fringe?' already crazy suggestions are being tweeted right now as the deadline for suggestions runs from 10am on the 25th to 10pm on the 26th of March. Not only can the audience participate in suggestions but they can watch live as the masterpiece takes form. Right now as I type Johanna is drawing a penguin listening to music while shooting a bazooka! She has already drawn a rubber duck parachuting towards a tiny paddling pool, a barrel of laughs and many more weird and wonderful suggestions.
Check her out and suggests something crazy before time runs out!

Look out for the baboon playing a piano with his feet... or a rhino doing ballet and wearing a tutu... fingers crossed!

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