Monday, 19 October 2009

Bad Designers?


Are biologist or environmentalists better designers than we students at DOJ? Are they more visually literate than designers "think" they are? Are those that solve world problems, research into cancer cures or try to make the environment greener, the real creative people of our society?

If we designers learn more about the world we live in design can become more than just a "nice" thing to look at - it can become innovative! Working with "non-designers" can widen our knowledge of the world and what people really need. A chair that's designer decided sleek and stylish are what the modern world needs did not think of the whole picture. Ok maybe one day it will be viewed through a glass case in a museum for its "chic" design but is that the real purpose of a chair - to be looked at? No. What about those who have been injured or those with mobile difficulty will they find the need for a hard plastic chair that's purpose is to simply look pretty?

I'm not trying to say that design shouldn't look good but instead it should be brought together with purpose to start to change the world. We have been placed in a great situation to bring together elements of design and innovation, we can think bigger and start to be truly creative. Designs can be more simple than you think to solve problems, remember we are not the scientists of today but that doesn't stop us working with them and bringing our creativity together with theirs.

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