Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Tipping Point


Assignment 1

I've recently read a book called the 'Tipping Point' by Malcom Gladwell; it takes you through the moments that cause the 'tipping point'; epidemics that at one point cross a line and spread rapidly into our lives.
He details every aspect of this idea thoroughly and repeatedly to reinforce the points he makes, I found this very useful as you begin to understand it more and more as the book progresses. I found myself getting so into it that I too was making everyday situations compare to the 'tipping point'. The subject made you think, thus teaching you the fundamentals to then continue to learn.

The Stickiness Factor is one of the three rules of epidemics and part of the book which I found most interesting. I think it was the subjects and examples Galdwell used; Sesame Street - I could relate to it, understand the concept so much more just because it was put into a language I once new. Basing the stickiness factor on kids TV programmes(Blue's Clue's, Sesame Street), for me, helped learning about the subject easier as I remembered the show and could put his reaserch into practise.
Not only did this chapter explain the stickiness factor, but it brought in elements of human behaviour into it which are so relevant to figuring out the stickiness of a product, advertisement or TV show.

The Mind map exercise broke down the book and also helped you memorise its context much more as you went over it in your head just to complete the map. Completed it also stands for future study notes and a starting point to begin looking into 'The Tipping Point' in so much more detail.

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