Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Stickiness Factor and IED


Assignment 2

Brainstorming session...

This allowed myself and the group to discuss and share ideas and theories on the chapters context and relationship to Design, more importantly Interior design. I found that the discussion allowed us all to explore different ideas and sections of the book that perhaps we didn't feel were relevant but now do. It was interesting seeing how the two subjects interlinked and putting the book theories to practise.

Individual research...

I found the most interesting connections between the two subjects to mainly be how you or your business can be made "sticky". Through advertisement, research and networking Interior designers and, or their businesses can be sticky, but remembering that if its a bad design it won't be sticky, it's got to be wanted and needed! Stickiness can be reached on an advertising and social networking level; I found that logos, brands and networking sites have a lot of potential to help businesses become sticky. If research is done on what's sticky and what's not, designers can take advantage of the results and become contagious.

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